Well Done

This is tremendous. Creative, clever, and snooty.

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Well Done: a food company annual report that has to be cooked first


Croatian creative agency Bruketa & Zinić have designed an annual report for food company Podravka that has to be baked in an oven before it can be read.


Called Well Done, the report features blank pages printed with thermo-reactive ink that, after being wrapped in foil and cooked for 25 minutes, reveal text and images.


Here are details from Bruketa & Zinić:

Well Done, the annual report for food company you have to bake before use

Empty pages become filled with content after being baked at 100°C for 25 minutes.


“Well done” created by Bruketa & Zinić is the new annual report for Podravka, the biggest food company in South-East Europe. It consists of two parts:

a big book containing numbers and a report of an independent auditor
a small booklet that is inserted inside the…

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